In the seventies and eighties, for most people, the only choices for home or commercial lighting were incandescent bulbs or fluorescent strip lighting, (now we have LED). These came in different wattage ratings based on the brightness levels required. Since then, new technology has been responsible for moving things on and there are now a host of different lighting options available. Some of the most commonly known light bulbs and their properties are described below.

Incandescent Bulbs

This is the type of bulb most people grew up with in their home. In this type of bulb, light is produced by electricity being passed through a thin tungsten wire. Unfortunately, as well as light, a huge amount of heat energy is produced (about 20% light and 80% heat), which is extremely wasteful and makes these bulbs very energy inefficient. In 2007 the UK announced that this type of bulb would be phased out by 2011. However, a loophole in the law has meant that some types of incandescent bulb can still be found on sale today. Even so, their popularity has greatly reduced in the last few years. This is partly