Nest Door bell with video capture

The NEST bell is a must have device to make your home safer, never miss a parcel delivery and capture the rouges who pray on the vulnerable and even deter them from visiting in the first place.

  • The door bell needs to be hard wired to an exisiting 24v transformer or have a new one installed.
  • Capture faces visiting your door with picture and video
  • Recognize friends and family and let you know who is calling.
  • Does not need to be charged up due to being hard wired.
  • Picture and video quality is very good
  • Calls you phone when you are not home and lets you talk to the person visiting
  • Is a massive improvement on the Ring version, the ring version has to be charged up and picture quality is poor.

This is not a cheap door bell, however it can greatly improve your life and also look after the vulnerable members of the family and give