With the growing number of electronic devices that charge via USB, access to additional USB charging points is becoming increasingly important. Using a computer to charge USB devices is not always practical or convenient, especially when you need to leave a phone or tablet in another room to charge. If a family of four owns four smartphones, four media players, and several GPS devices, cameras, and tablets, access to USB charging points soon becomes a problem. Fortunately, several manufacturers offer power points with USB charging outlets, and Mr Switch Sydney stocks several USB power point products.

A power point with USB charging outlets has standard 230-volt power sockets in addition to USB charging sockets. This allows you to plug any type of USB device directly into a wall socket to charge at its maximum charging speed without needing to use a bulky transformer. Because the power points include standard sockets, you can install them anywhere in your home and use them with transformer chargers and regular home appliances. These power points are suitable for domestic and commercial use.

You can use power points with USB charging outlets to charge iPhones and iPads, a variety of smartphones and tablets, GPS units, cameras, media players, and a host of other devices. Popular plug configurations include double standard sockets and double USB sockets. The team at Mr Switch can help you choose power points that match your needs and are suitable for the equipment you use. Phone or email us for more information about popular configurations and amperage ratings.

Although power points with USB are easy to install if the back box is the correct depth to allow for dissipation of heat from the built in transformer, manufacturers recommend that you contact a licensed electrician to carry out your installations. Our power point installation rates are reasonable, so contact us today to learn how we can help you. Goodwin Electrical licensed electricians can replace your existing power points with USB power points or install additional USB power points if required. Call Goodwin Electrical now for a free quote on 01752 957808 or fill in our Contact Form