It is time to fight back and stop Scammers and Fraudsters. Devon and Cornwall police have launched a new website to stop scammers and fraudsters. Go to:- . This is a brilliant website which has lots of advice and a link to the financial conduct authority.

I am tired of constant emails from scammers and I expect my customers are as well so I have put together this blog post with help and advice.

There are too many people being caught by scammers and Fraudsters. It is time for the general public to get together to stop the scum who commit these crimes.

Every day I get at least 20 emails trying to con me into signing up to something.

I receive emails which look like they have hacked into my email account, however it turns out all they have done is cloned my email address.

Be careful when opening an email, if you don’t know who has sent it then DO NOT OPEN IT. If you open an email where you do not know has sent it, then you could be putting a virus on your computer which will allow the sender of the email to access your computer.

Never give out your bank details over the phone. If you have received a call from your bank, they will never ask for your bank details over the phone.

Another scam is trying to get you to pay with bit coin, never get involved in this currency, it is hard to trace the person you have paid money to.

Make sure you have up to date anti-virus on your computer. Do not go for free anti-virus. Do your research and use a well recommended one. Paying the extra will save you a lot of money in the long run.