Solar PV systems require little maintenance due to few moving parts, however they do go wrong. It is important to check your generation meter at least once a month to make sure the readings increase. there is also a red flashing light which flashes faster the more power you generate.

When a Solar PV system breaks down this can be for a number of reasons:-

  1. The Inverter has failed due to something wrong inside it
  2. Moisture is getting into connections on the roof
  3. Generation meter has failed
  4. Battery has tripped (If you have one with battery storage)
  5. Connections have overheated due to poor installation.

Inverters are the heart of your Solar PV system and are usually the cause of your Solar FV fault. Most come with a standard 5 year warranty, however they can come with a warranty up to 20 years.

If you have your Solar PV panels cleaned, make sure you use an experience Solar PV cleaning company. A standard window cleaner will not understand the importance of using soft brushes and only use cleaning chemicals suitable for Solar PV panels.

Goodwin Electrical in Plymouth have over 10 years experience working on over 4000 solar pv systems. We receive many calls from customers you have a solar pv system failed and the installer is no longer trading. Most of the Solar PV systems we repair are down to poor installation in the first place.

Goodwin Electrical have the knowledge to help resolve a failed Solar PV system quickly. We can also guide you to make a claim on valid insurance policies which came with the system to help you make a claim even if your installer has gone out of business.

Documents which came with the Solar PV system are very important, if you need a repair have these ready when calling Goodwin Electrical in Plymouth. The documents help us to understand your system more quickly and also help us to assess if your solar pv repair can be carried out under warranty / insurance claim.

We at Goodwin Electrical are a solid company who will be around for the foreseeable future. We have watched many Solar PV companies disappear taking customers money and not looking after them.

When choosing a Solar PV company check them out. We are registered with NICEIC, Which Trusted Traders and Trading Standards “Buy With Confidence”

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