How safe is the property you are purchasing?

This is a big question and often ignored.

When you have a survey carried out on your property, if you have a good Surveyor he will recommend you have the Electrics and Gas checked.

To have your Electrics checked you need to employ an Electrician who is Part P registered with an Accreditation company such as NICEIC or NAPIT. The test carried out is called “Electrical Installation Condition Report” EICR for short.

Every day I ask the same question when entering a property. “Did you get the electrics checked before purchasing the property”, in a majority of the cases the answer is “NO” with a follow up “Nobody told me to”.

What you can conclude from this is Yes nobody told you to get the Electrics checked, however who told you “THE ELECTRICS ARE SAFE” for you to live in the property. You are taking a big gamble thinking the property is safe for you to live in and it will not catch fire. If it does catch fire, does the property have suitable smoke alarms to wake you up in the night. Quality Smoke alarms should be mains wired and preferably with a rechargeable battery back up. They should be changed every 10 years. Also make sure you have the right smoke alarm for the location. If in doubt contact Goodwin Electrical

When you purchase a property it will probably be your biggest investment which takes very many years to buy it. So would it be a good idea a treat it better than your Car. With a Car you have it serviced and MOT on a regular basis to make sure it is safe to drive. An EICR report is like an MOT on a car which lets you know your property is safe to live in.

Another big problem with properties is many owners do a lot of their own electrics to save money at the expense of peoples lives. It takes many years to become a qualified electrician so do not risk lives by cutting cost on your electrics.

When you take out House insurance you may need to make a claim due to an Electrical Fault, one question you could be asked “Which qualified electrician did you employ to do your work”. If you carried out the electrics yourself then you may not have a claim. Also if you carried out the electrics yourself you may not have the public liability insurance if something goes wrong. Goodwin Electrical have £2 million public liability insurance which will cover you if anything goes wrong with electrical work Goodwin Electrical have been employed to carry o