Electric Energy Efficient Heating Plymouth

Electric Energy efficient heating solution to say goodbye to night storage heaters. Designed for any living or working space in all types of buildings, these radiators combine the very best of high quality design with precision engineering and thermal capabilities – to heat your space efficiently and effectively.

Eco-Dry GPS

Eco-Dry GPS INERZIA Dry Stone radiators are specifically designed to effectively heat larger houses, public areas, communal stairwells, listed, public and commercial buildings, offices, etc.

These environments, which typically have high ceilings, open-plan design and large windows, were always considered to be expensive and difficult to heat using traditional heating methods. However, the high energy efficiency and intensified thermal performance of INERZIA ‘Dry Stone’ have made it a cost-effective and viable heating solution. The secret of Inerzia’s success lies in Haverland’s ‘ Dry Stone’ thermal technology. This lightweight, thermal medium provides a more imposing level of thermal performance.energy efficient heater

Lot 20 CompliantNatural stone resistance with high thermal inertiaL
Daily programming, hour by hour and manual programming function
2 Hours manual ‘Boost’ function
Open window function
Intelligent Adaptive Start
Control by zone
Energy monitoring
Keyboard lock
GPS technology thanks to the Smartbox (accessory)
Geolocation feature activates your heating system before you arrive home and deactivates when you leave (Smartbox needed)