Choosing a Consumer Unit



The Consumer Unit, or fuse board is the most important electrical safety device in the home and workplace. It fulfills two vital functions:
1) Protecting cables (and subsequently appliances) from overload which can cause fire, and
2) Protecting humans from the electric shock caused by earth leakage

All households are different – from one bedroom apartments in the city to large country houses and all of them use electricity in different ways: Some have electric showers, some have electric hobs, others have tropical fish tanks, some have outdoor lighting and water pumps while others have workshops with machinery…
For this reason there is no such thing as a ‘standard consumer unit’ – but while the number of sizes, makes, brands and combinations of configurations is almost infinite there are in fact only four main types of consumer unit.

Used in conjunction with the circuit protection devices – (RCD, RCBO, MCB and Surge Protection) – these four types of consumer unit offer the homeowner and electrician huge flexibility of circuit design and budget. It is important to understand that in most domestic properties it would be possible to use any one of the four types of consumer unit along with surge protection, the decision being governed by budget and attitude to circuit separation.

Goodwin Electrical strongly recommend a Consumer Unit with RCBO’s and Surge Protection.

Surge Protection explained

Surge protection is a device designed to protect a whole houses  electrical devices from voltage spikes. Therefore extend life of devices, reduce replacement needs and repair costs. This is a must if you have sm