Does your home suffer with condensation, damp or even mould growth?

Condensation, mould and damp problems are a huge problem across the country especially in homes with solid brick walls without a cavity (this causes cold side of wall to meet warm side of wall which causes condensation). Coastal homes suffer more often from this problem. Homes with a lot of insulation, double glazing and little room to breathe also suffer from condensation. Condensation then leads to mould and damp problems.envirovent fan installation

Bathing, cooking, washing and drying clothes creates up to four pints of moisture in the home per person per day. There is no way to see this moisture until it clings and condenses on to colder surfaces, such as windows. This moisture can encourage mould and mites which can trigger allergic conditions such as eczema, conjunctivitis, rhinitis and asthma.

The Solution

We supply and install ventilation systems to combat the problems which cause the condensation, mould and damp. Our Positive Air System (PAS) is designed to cure positive input ventilation diagramcondensation dampness and remove allergens and pollutants from the home This is a low-energy ventilation system.Installed in the loft out of sight and with no holes to knock through walls, this is the perfect solution for homes looking for a ventilation solution. We also have a Positive Air System for properties without a loft.

Positive Input Ventilation (PIV)

This is a principle where fresh, filtered air is introduced into the home at a continuous rate, encouraging movement of air from inside to outside. This process removes condensation, allergens such as pollen and dust mites as well as the pollutants caused by cooking and cleaning, from the air. This results in a fresh and healthy indoor environment in which condensation and mould cannot exist, and where indoor pollutants including harmful Radon gas are kept to a minimum.


Cures Condensation Dampness
PIV removes humidity from the air, preventing mould growth

Improves Indoor Air Quality
G4 filters prevent external pollutants such as pollen and traffic fumes from entering the home, as well as expelling internal pollutants caused by cooking and cleaning

Radon Gas Control
Helps reduce and maintain low Radon gas levels

Health Benefits
Clinically proven to help allergy and asthma sufferers

Fixed Heat Recovery
Minimises loss of heat in the loft by recirculating the air, saving energy

System Standby In Summer Months
When the loft temperature exceeds 23°C

5 year warranty; 1 year parts and labour, remaining years parts only

Bathroom Fans

Your bathroom is the home’s area for maximum hygiene that must be maintained and kept clean and smelling good.  You can diminish any unnecessary foul odors from your bathroom by using an ‘exhaust fan’ or ‘extractor fan’ (depending on your age).  This is a kind of mechanical ventilation device is mounted in reverse that instead of pushing an air into the area, it sucks air away.  This extracted air is the source of moisture and bad smells from your bathroom.


There are many types of fans available nowadays depending on the size and type of location where you need to install it.  Some are designed to be mounted on the ceiling, while others are installed into the walls.  Some are associated with lights (combination) and silent sounds. But they usually vary on the price also. The more up-to-date fan you purchased is the higher amount of price you are going to pay.

Moisture, if left to remain inside the bathroom, may cause a bad odor. But installing an exhaust fan may prevent this. Nowadays, features of this kind of fan are continuously being improved by different producers.  Brand names are of god quality  but not just only its name or quality. The function of the device may also be depends on how it was installed.  It is like, how would you enjoy its function if it is not properly placed? How would you feel safe if its wirings are visible near your tub or any item-releasing water or not secured?

When planning to install an exhaust fan, make sure that it will be done by qualified electrician so that they can adjust and install your fan in your bathroom. Because installing this kind of fan is not as easy as hanging on your wall or ceiling but putting a hole on the selected area before they can start the application procedure. This includes the measuring and calculating the bathroom’s dimensions (LxWxH) to properly make a hole and exactly fit to your exhaust fan.

Cooker hood vent out of wall installation

Goodwin Electrical have the skills to core drill a hole out of your kitchen wall for the installation of a cooker hood. By extracting out of the wall you get the maximum benefit from your cooker hood.


Venting out of your property will help keep down the moisture in your property and also extract out smells. This will reduce on your decoration needs and also help stop condensation/mould from building up.

Lastly, you must be aware on the good track record of your chosen service provider such as Goodwin Electrical. Having a qualified and reliable company that is skillful and flexible in any technical conditions in your home is a big savings and advantage. Because hiring a provider with a limited skills and knowledge, meaning, not flexible on any circumstances, seems like you are just paying for nothing and eventually it may cause danger or non-functional fan and most seriously speaking, you will be able to pay for another cost of repair or replacement. Isn’t it a big failure on your part?