OLEV Grant Application Forms

EVHS (Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme) application forms

OLEV EVHS Grant Application Form for a grant up to £500>

This application Form is for Domestic customers where you can claim up to £500 towards your car charge point.

Goodwin Electrical process the application form on your behalf saving you all the stress in claiming yourself.

We visit your property, carry out the survey and then provide a quote for you to browse through in your own time.

We never chase quotes, we simply wait to hear from you.

We will ask for your MPAN number This is for Western Power notification, it is a box of numbers on your electricity bill starting with the letter “S”
The MPAN number needs to be 21 numbers (if not all 21 numbers are on your bill, then call your supplier to get the number).

Any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask


Company Cars

*If the EV car you are claiming for is leased or registered in a company name, then you will need to complete the Annex i Letter (This form is in the Application Form)

  • Annex i needs to be filled in if you have having a car charge point installed for a company car


Goodwin Electrical can now obtain 75% or up to £500 off per socket 

You can apply for the WCS voucher online by clicking on the link on the right

Businesses applying for the voucher can redeemed the voucher through Goodwin Electrical as an approved OLEV WCS  provider and is deducted from the total costs.