OLEV Grant Application Forms

EVHS (Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme) application forms

OLEV EVHS Grant Application Form for a grant up to £500>

After you have downloaded Annex D Part A Form (See right >) – Please ✓ and provide your evidence as detailed in section 2.

  • If car is registered privately: ✓ Box and provide copy of either V5C or Order Confirmation or Other Proof Of Purchase, for example a car dealer sales invoice.
  • If the car is leased privately: ✓ the Box and provide a copy of any of the contract documents listed as evidence.
  • Section 3/4 Follow questions ✓ Box where asked(provide evidence if required) and sign the declaration at the end of section 4.
  • Once completed email to bill@goodwinelectrical.com
  • Before we can arrange installation, we require receipt of the completed OLEV Annex D (Part A) and all supporting documentation.

OLEV £500 EVHS (Home Charge Scheme) Eligibility Checklist:

  • ✓ You have private car or designated off-street parking.
  • ✓ Your Electric Vehicle (EV) must be purchased after April 2015.
  • ✓ You have not made a previous grant claim for your EV vehicle.
  • ✓ You have a limit of two OLEV grant-funded charge points (one each), per EV vehicle at your home.

Company Cars

*If the EV car you are claiming for is leased or registered in a company name, then you will need to complete the Annex i Letter (downloadable on the right is a template)

  • Annex i – Print, hand-sign (by a senior company representative or lease/fleet manager) and email (together with completed / signed Annex D Part A) to bill@goodwinelectrical.com
  • EVHS Application is required to be completed and hand-signed/returned to us for your Home Charge £500 contribution and enable us to arrange your installation date.
  • All attached documents must relate to the primary user’s name, address and vehicle make and model.


Goodwin Electrical can now obtain 75% or up to £500 off per socket and up to 20 sockets – worth £10,000 ! off the supply and installation of workplace chargers.

You can apply for the WCS voucher online by clicking on the link on the right

Businesses applying for the voucher can redeemed the voucher through Goodwin Electrical as an approved OLEV WCS  provider and is deducted from the total costs.

  1. Companies can now submit multiple voucher applications subsequent to their first application, until they reach their limit of available sockets (which will remain 20 sockets per company). This will give businesses the flexibility to re-apply for new charge points after you have experienced the advantages that charging at work provides.

If you need help with your application form then call Bill on 01752 957808 or fill in the contact form

For more information on grants visit the Government website. Where there is more in depth information.