Solar Battery Storage in Plymouth

What is solar battery storage

electric car charging with powervaultIn a nutshell, solar battery storage allows you to store electricity for use at a later time. Many homes have solar PV panels installed which generate electricity during daylight. By adding a battery to the system this energy can be used later when the sun is no longer shining, rather than buying energy from the grid. If you’re on a time-of-use tariff such as Economy 7, you could save even more on your bills by charging on cheap overnight electricity. And your existing feed-in-tariff payments will stay unaffected.

Solar battery storage is the future for storing energy captured from the sun. Lets have a look at why this is the case and the products that we recommend.

Why solar Battery Storage

Take a look at the graph, this explains why you would consider installing battery storage

solar consumption chart

Maximise your Solar Power Savings: As can be seen from the graph above most of the power is usually consumed at breakfast before the sun really gets up and in the evening when the sun has set, so a standard solar power system cannot really cover this consumption. Most of the solar power produced during the day is actually in the green section and is surplus to the homes requirements so it is sent back to the grid at a very low rate. To best maximise the solar power it really needs to be stored so it can be consumed when it is really required, not necessarily when it is generated.

Backup Power: With a normal grid connected solar power system if there is a black out or brown out and power is not available from the street the solar power system will shut down as well – the solar inverter needs to be connected to the grid to function. With Goodwe battery storage you have backup power from the battery and solar panels when the grid is down which provides you with additional security and energy independence. No more spoilt food because of a fridge or freezer being without power because of a blackout!

Why choose Powervault

Powervault 3 is an intelligent battery system for the modern smart home, designed to maximise energy efficiency and value for the customer. Powervault 3 reduces customers’ energy bills by storing free solar energy or cheap, off-peak electricity from the grid. Customers can also receive an income from Powervault by allowing Powervault’s proprietary GridFLEX™platform to occasionally control their Powervault 3 battery and support the grid when it is under stress. By connecting Powervault 3 directly to their solar system, customers can also prevent the need to replace their solar inverter when it fails.

British Design and Manufacture

Powervault is a British company, based in London. Powervault’s products are designed and assembled in London and the company is focused on designing products suitable for residential and commercial premises in the U.K.

Why buy your home battery storage from Goodwin Electrical in Plymouth

We have been installing Solar PV and now Battery storage since 2010. We have in depth experience of having worked on over 4000 systems. From installing a Solar PV system, upgrading systems, changing faulty systems, battery storage solutions Goodwin Electrical in Plymouth are there to meet all your Solar PV needs. Call us now on 01752 363915 or fill in our enquiry form